MOOPLE – A New Take On Online Learning

MOOPLE – My Open Online Personal Learning Environment – provides users with access to a wide range of tools, technologies and resources. Using Single Sign On technologies, MOOPLE allows staff and students to make use of freely available, open source tools and resources as well as those provided commercially. We work with others to provide our users with access to the widest possible range of online tools, technologies and resources.

MOOPLE.NET is a great new site that allows schools to set up a free to use online space where students, staff and parents can access a variety of online tools, technologies and resources focused on improving learning outcomes.

It’s so easy to use that the majority of staff in my school have started using it with only a few training sessions and because it has single sign on to great tools such as Google Apps, Live@Edu, MOODLE, Mindmeister, etc. we can also use these tools when we are ready.

We also like the fact that it comes with hundreds of education focused apps and widgets already in the platform which means we can start using it right away rather than having to build up gradually.

It’s really kick started elearning in our school – great site!