Enchanted Learning K-12


Enchanted Learning, LLC produces K-12 educational material that is published online. We have 25,000 pages on our website covering a wide range of topics. We produce new pages almost every day.

In our lives, we have found that learning can be enjoyable and satisfying. Our company’s mission is to produce educational materials that emphasize creativity and the pure enjoyment of learning. The underlying message of our materials is that curiosity and exploration lead to delightful learning experiences. We hope to maximize the student’s creativity, learning, and enjoyment.

We believe that people learn the most (and retain it the longest) when they are actively involved in educational pursuits that are clear, logical, stimulating, and fun.

Ease of use is a hallmark of our material. Children need the clearest, simplest computer interface, and our material is created so that the navigation and controls are intuitive and simple. For example, even the earliest readers can navigate a subset of the web usings “Little Explorers”, one of our picture dictionaries, and can easily find information on topics that interest them.

Some of our material is available for free online, and for a small yearly subscription, users have access to all of our material.

Enchanted Learning was founded by Jeananda Col and Mitchell Spector in 1993. We began by designing educational games for our own children (our first game was the CD-ROM “Busy Little Brains”) and in late 1995 started the EnchantedLearning.com website. It has been an amazing adventure for us, and we hope it has been useful for you.

We are grateful to our many subscribers for their support, and we appreciate the incredibly useful feedback that we receive. Thank you again.